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  Getting the Most from a Free Gym Membership Pass

Getting a good feel for a gym is hard to do if you are just dropping in to see what they offer. Don't waste your time by going in without the facts. Most gyms offer free trial passes so that customers like you can test run their facility prior to signing up for a membership. Free passes are great to try out a new location that might be more convenient or see if gym with a pool is available through the winter months.

Once you have chosen a gym, now comes the hard part. What to do when you get there? How can you make the most of your free pass and try out all amenities your potential membership could include. Chose a time to visit the gym that is closest to the time you would frequent the gym. This will give you a good idea as to whether it is typically crowded or not during that time of day. Crowded gyms often have parking constraints putting additional time on to your gym commute.

Squeezing in a workout before work requires dedication and time management. Give yourself some extra time when trying out a new gym, that way you won't be late for work. Locker room and shower facilities are the key to a morning workout. Make sure the showers and changing areas are up to your standards of clean. Find out whether or not towels and locks for lockers are provided.

To make the most of the weight room, a full body workout should be completed. Choose a variety of exercises designed to target each major muscle group. This will give you a good feeling for all of the equipment in the gym. Make sure to use a combination of machines as well as free weights. Many gyms are now stocked with a large selection of functional equipment. Functional equipment is the more non-traditional type equipment. Stability Balls, balance boards, resistance bands and medicine balls are all types of functional equipment. This type of equipment is great for strengthening your core muscles and improving balance and coordination.

Completing your cardiovascular exercise after you lift weights can result in an increased burn of calories from fat. Most gyms have numerous different cardio systems. Some or all of these may have cardio theaters. A cardio theater is a television screen attached to the piece of equipment where only the person on that piece of equipment has control over channels and volume can be accessed through personal headphones. Cardio theaters can make doing extended periods of exercise more manageable by allowing the exerciser to zone into a show or new program and forget that they are exercising.

Stretching has many benefits and all good gyms will have a designated stretching area away from the other equipment. The free gym pass is a great way to explore the different areas of a gym and make a decision based on true experience, not just internet reviews. With stretching complete, the experience of a new gym is complete and you can make an informed decision on a new membership. All gyms want your business so give it to them for a few days so they can prove themselves.

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Getting the Most from a Free Gym Membership Pass
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